Aesthetics: The Pursuit Of Physical Beauty And The Health Risks Involved

There is an ever-changing concept of beauty, or aesthetics, in the United States. It is influenced by fashion, by trends and by the media. Although it is perfectly normal to want to appear more attractive and attract mates, you should be vigilant and protect your health as well. From the simplest of procedures (like hair removal) to the more complex cosmetic procedures (liposuction), there are potential health risks. Knowing what these risks are should be just as important to you as improving your physical appearance.

The Health Risks Associated with Non-Invasive Aesthetic Procedures

Hair removal is one of the most commonly requested procedures. It is quite safe, but some people may be overly sensitive to lasers and waxing. This sensitivity can lead to rashes, which can cause you to stop the hair removal treatments. Informing your aesthetician that you have really sensitive skin will allow him or her to apply a post-procedure oil that soothes and softens sensitive and/or dry skin.

Chemical peels and Botox injections have more risks than hair removal. Botox, when injected improperly, causes semi-permanent to permanent paralysis. This is the leading reason why you should never attend a "Botox party" or hire an unlicensed individual to do a chemical peel on your face. On the flip side, this is very rare in a clinic or spa setting, and the effects of these treatments are long lasting and you will look a few decades younger.

The Health Risks Involved with More Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

With obesity at an all time high in the U.S., it is not surprising that liposuction leads the way for cosmetic procedures. If you plan to have liposuction, be aware that there is a lot of bruising and damaged blood vessels involved. Also, any time you have a cosmetic procedure that requires cutting into or cutting open the human body, there is always risk of infection. In much rarer cases, necrotic tissue develops and you have to have a surgeon remove all the dead or dying tissue before the infection created by the affected tissues becomes systemic and leads to blood poisoning.

It should be noted that these side affects are only related to traditional liposuction. Newer liposuction procedures, such as laser-assisted lipo, practically eliminate the bruising because blood vessels are left intact and/or cauterized with the laser so that there is no bleeding. The incredibly small incisions involved in laser liposuction also dramatically reduce the chances of infection and healing time. You are left with a well-sculpted body resembling marble statues of Greek gods and goddesses.

Protecting Yourself

While most people who pursue aesthetic physical beauty rarely encounter any post-procedure problems, it is important to note that they went to a licensed aesthetician or cosmetic surgeon in a clinic or hospital. As long as you avoid any back alley discounts and see the professionals for the services you want, the risks to your health are on par with everyone else's. However, you should always seek the advice of a trained medical professional to determine your personal level of risk.