Four Benefits of Choosing a Family Doctor Over a Pediatrician for Your Newborn

When you are bringing a new child into the world, you have a big decision to make about what type of doctor to take your child to soon after they are born. Your newborn is going to need many wellness visits in their first year of life, which is why this is so important. You may consider a pediatrician, but there is also the option of having your newborn see your own family doctor. Here are the four benefits of this:

  1. Get Doctor Appointments Taken Care of in One Visit: Instead of making separate doctor appointments for you and your newborn, you can get the care that you need for your whole family in one visit. This can save you a great deal of time, which is always nice when you're a new parent. This can also save you in gas money and ensure that your entire family is up to date on wellness check-ups. 
  2. Knowledge of Family History: Another benefit of seeing a family doctor for your newborn is that the family doctor will be aware of you and your spouse's medical history. This way, they will know what specific types of illnesses to look for in your newborn if there is anything genetic that runs in your family to be concerned about. This gives your newborn more specific care that may be needed. 
  3. They Don't Have to Change Doctors at 18: Once your child reaches adulthood, they won't have to worry about going to a different doctor since pediatricians only see children. Instead, your child can continue to see the same doctor, which will motivate them to continue their regular doctor appointments once you no longer have control over them yourself. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is continuing to stay healthy.
  4. Gynecological Care: Most family doctors are going to be familiar with gynecological care, which is beneficial if you have a daughter. During their years going through puberty and more, they can see a doctor they are familiar and comfortable with. This will ensure that they are more likely to be open and honest about any concerns that they may have when going through this rough transition in their life. 

When you know these four benefits of choosing a family doctor over a pediatrician for your newborn, you can see why it can be one of the best long-term decisions for your entire family. Click here to find out more about family doctors in your area and how they can assist you and your newborn.