Luxury Dentistry: Extra Services That Make Your Dentist Visits More Comfortable And Enjoyable

Dentists and dentistry in general get a bad rap. People think of the drill and automatically every nightmare they can think they vocalize, even though a dentist is very careful with the drill and you are always under an anesthetic. Some might even argue that dentists do not care or that they really like the amount of pain they cause. Obviously, that is not true, but if you want a really enjoyable and comfortable dental visit experience, many dentists are turning to luxury services as a way to help. The following lists the lengths these dental offices go to for your comfort, pampering, and relaxation.

Dentists Want You to Feel Comfortable

Many dentists now offer sedation dentistry for the very nervous, as well as spa-like luxury offices. The idea is to help you alter your mindset about where you are and why you are there. He or she probably has additional comfort measures for you, such as massaging exam chairs, free coffee, bottled water, tea, or juice, and laughing gas to help you relax. If your dentist offers any or all of the above, he or she is definitely keen on helping you feel at ease.

Another Sign Your Dentist Is Focused on Providing the Ultimate Luxury Experience

He or she goes beyond these extra services by providing you with free valet parking, a la carte services where you pick what you want completed during your visit, and last minute appointment scheduling regardless of the time of day or night. Clinics that primarily hire prosthodontists do so with the patient in mind. Everything from veneers to special request tooth add-ons can be completed in house, rather than sending you out to another clinic and causing you to feel more anxious. These high-end clinics want you to feel like a diva or a rock star, thereby providing you with high quality dental services as well as preferred pampering. 

The Best Way to Let Your Dentist Know Your Concerns

The best dentists listen to their patients. If you feel less than positive about your office visit, relay your feelings to your dentist. He or she will listen intently, and then do everything possible to alleviate your concerns and feelings in the previously mentioned ways. Also, these luxury dentists often provide feedback and special request cards, in case there is anything you would like your dentist to add to his or her office to make it an even more pleasurable visit the next time around.

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