Upgrading Your Smile? 3 Key Reasons To Choose The Certified Implant Dentist

Even though dental implants are more costly than dentures, more Americans are choosing to replace their teeth with implants. In fact, over 3 million Americans have undergone the procedure to have prosthetic teeth permanently attached to their jaws.

The reasons are simple. Implants, unlike dentures, never have to be taken out of the mouth to clean. They help maintain the bone density of the jaw, which can deteriorate when teeth are missing. Implants also help patients improve their quality of life, both socially and at mealtimes.

When you search for a dentist to handle your dental implant procedure, there are 3 reasons why it's important to find a professional who has been certified in implant dentistry.

1) Any dentist can perform the procedure.

Dentists don't have to be certified in implant dentistry. Any dentist may purchase the tools and train themselves on the techniques used to install new teeth. This doesn't mean that a non-certified dentist will do an awful job of your procedure.

It does mean that a quickly-trained, inexperienced dentist may not be prepared for the variety of patients seeking implants. Each person's mouth, immune system and medical history is different. Certified implant dentists study diseases and conditions that might pose a challenge to successful implant surgery.

A dentist certified in dental implants will have exposure and training on how to respond and treat the unique issues that may arise during the procedure. They receive training on how to avoid problems, and further training on proper steps to take if any problems arise.

2) Top schools offer intensive implant study.

The most elite dental schools in America know that implants are here to stay. They now offer in-depth study of implant procedures for dentists who want to really know their stuff.

Students who enroll in these 1 - 2 year courses must be graduates of dental schools with several years of clinical or professional experience. They must demonstrate superior skills both in dentistry and in patient care.

The programs are not cheap, with some courses costing over $55,000 per year.

Even after taking these courses, dentists must be examined to be certified as competent in implant dentistry.

3) More dentists are learning the procedure.

As more dentists are being trained in dental implant surgery, you'll be able to easily find a specialist in your area. Your own dentist may offer the procedure or may refer you to a certified implant dentist.

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry allows you to search by zip code for dentists near you who have shown competence in implant dentistry. Many dentists who specialize will also note their certifications in their advertisements.

Don't be afraid to ask questions about implants. It helps to know how many implants your dentist has performed, which specific implant treatments the office recommends for your dental problems, and how long the entire process will take.

Dental implants are a worthwhile investment. To get the best value from your new teeth, be sure you're receiving a certified smile. Consult with a dentist, such as those found at Prospect Periodontal & Implant Center, who is highly qualified to perform your dental implant procedure.