4 Eye Exercises To Try Today

Your eyes go through a lot during the course of a day. You might read your small smartphone screen more often than you should, or maybe you don't let them rest when you should. Just as exercise helps to tone your muscles and keep your body healthy, eye exercises can do the same for your eyes. Set aside a few minutes each day to try one or more of the following eye exercises, and see if they help your eyes to feel less tired and strained.

Alternate Far and Near Focusing

This one is especially important if you spend a lot of time looking at computer screens, tablets, or smartphone screens. Hold an object near your face, about six inches away from your face. Focus on the object for a few seconds, and then look at something else across the room for another few seconds. Go back to focusing on the object. Repeat multiple times per day to help strengthen the muscles that help your eyes to focus.

Palm Your Eyes

Your eyes do a lot for you all day long, and sometimes they need a little bit of a rest. To do this, close your eyes and hold your palms over them. This helps to block out any light, and it serves as a reminder to keep your eyes closed. Breathe normally and relax throughout. You can set a timer if you don't want to take too long of a break. Another tip that helps with this exercise is to perform it at a table so you can rest your elbows while you're palming your eyes.

Upside Down and Away

Take a printed piece of material, whether it's a magazine or a piece of paper, and hold it upside down at arm's length. The words should be at least a little blurry. Try focusing on one word and see if you can work out the individual letters. Continue trying for as long as you're comfortable.

Roll Your Eyes

Your parents may have told you over and over not to roll your eyes, but the activity can actually help to strengthen your eyes. Start by rolling them clockwise several times at a steady pace. Reverse the direction, rolling them counter-clockwise several times. Follow the rolling up by moving your eyes from one side to the other, holding for a few seconds at each side.

If you're experiencing trouble with your eyes, contact an eye doctor, like those at Dixie Ophthalmic Specialists at Zion Eye Institute, to find out if vision correction can help you.