Thoughtful Chemotherapy Gifts To Give A Loved One With Cancer

It's never easy for anyone to find out from their oncologist that they have cancer. When your loved one is diagnosed with cancer, they may choose to go through chemotherapy treatment to fight their cancer. As a friend or family member, you want to give them a gift to show your love and support. Here are a few ideas of gifts you can give to someone going through chemotherapy. 

Entertainment Subscription

One great way for your friend or family member to pass the time is with TV or movies. If they normally watch TV on a television set at home, but also own a tablet, gift them with a subscription like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix or even Audible so they can watch TV at the hospital. Monthly subscriptions typically cost only a handful of dollars a month. Your gift will be the gift that keeps on giving, with seemingly endless shows. To top it off, you can get noise-canceling headphones to shut out the sound of beeping machines and noisy roommates. 

Home-Cooked Meals

Your loved one may not be able to stomach the same foods they've always loved, but they still need to eat. With a weakened immune system and less strength, they need all the nutrition they can get to fight their cancer. Surprise them by bringing over a few simple home-cooked freezer meals. They'll be great for days when your friend can't bear the thought of cooking, or when they don't have time or energy because of long chemo sessions. Just remember that chemo patients typically tend to eat smaller but more frequent meals to curb nausea. Create easy-to-digest foods with lots of antioxidants for extra immune support. 


Hospitals are not known for being especially warm. Your loved one may lose some weight because chemotherapy suppresses their appetite. Chances are good that they may get cold sitting in their chemotherapy chair and they won't be able to move around much to get their blood flowing. Make something handmade to keep them warm during sessions. Knit a cap to keep them warm, or get together with friends to sew a patchwork quilt. Have each friend make a patchwork square that they think encapsulates your loved one, then sew the patches together. Meet up to tie the quilt with yarn and surprise your friend or family member with the quilt on their first day of chemo. 


Above all, the greatest gift you can give is time. Chemotherapy sessions take hours and can become quite monotonous. Once you know their chemo schedule, organize a friend or family member to come keep them company each time. Keep this a secret, and your loved one will be surprised by a different person each time they have chemo. Ask each person to bring a fun activity with them so each chemo session goes by faster. 

Your heartfelt gift will bring a ray of light into your loved one's life. Give one or all of the gifts above to support your friend or family member during chemotherapy. For more information about what your loved one might need during this difficult time, talk to an oncology expert.