Take Good Care Of Your New Hearing Aids

When you start wearing hearing aids, you want to take good care of them right from the very beginning. Neglecting your hearing aids can quickly lead to them becoming damaged and they can be expensive to have repaired. Follow the advice provided below to make sure you are taking proper care of your hearing aids.

Cleaning and storing your hearing aids properly

When you take your hearing aids out, make sure you turn them off so you don't wear out the battery prematurely. Take a look at the hearing aids to make sure you don't see any wax buildup or dirt. If you do, clean them off immediately before storing them.

To clean off the hearing aids, you want to use a tissue. The tissue should generally be dry. However, if you do need to wet it to get off stubborn soil then make sure you only wet it slightly with a small amount of water. Use a small hearing aid brush to get in the small nooks and crannies.

You will want to keep your hearing aids dry, and a great way for you to do this is to store them in a hearing aid drying box overnight. This box will keep them protected and absorb moisture that can destroy them.

Regular maintenance for your hearing aids

Stay conscious of your hearing aids the entire time you have them in, and don't do things that could cause damage to them. Make sure you don't use any hair products, such as hair spray, while your hearing aids are in.

Always bring replacement batteries with you so you don't find yourself out and about without working hearing aids. Remove and replace the batteries in your hearing aids as soon as they go dead. Leaving batteries in your hearing aids can lead to rust which can damage them.

Make sure you always have a good grip on your hearing aids and clean them over a soft towel. They can be easy to drop and this can cause them to break.  Keep your hearing aids away from coldness and heat; do not set your hearing aids near a heater or leave them in the sun.

By following the advice detailed here, you will have a better chance of keeping your hearing aids in good condition longer. This is something that should be very important to you, since they are your key to hearing properly. For additional information about caring for hearing aids, visit a business such as Hearing Professionals