5 Tips For Keeping Allergens At Bay

If you suffer from allergies, you may struggle through your day. The symptoms of this unwanted medical condition include a runny nose, itchy eyes and even a sore throat for severe suffers. It's ideal to know effective ways to reduce the allergens in your home to successfully reduce your allergies on a regular basis. 

Tip #1: Keep the windows closed

As much as you may enjoy fresh air, you will want to avoid opening your windows during the peak allergy season. This is one of the worse things you can do if you have allergies.

It's also ideal to check the pollen count in your area, and if it's low, then you should consider opening your windows during these times for fresh air.

Tip #2: Take a shower

Have you been outside for an extended amount of time during a windy day in the spring or fall? If so, these are the peak seasons for allergies and you will want to take a shower immediately when coming inside of your home.  

Doing so will help get all of the allergens off of your body, and don't neglect to wash your clothes to rid them of allergens as well.

Tip #3: Put on a mask

When it comes to working outside or mowing the yard during peak allergy season, it's ideal to put on a mask. This will help keep the pollen out of direct contact with your respiratory system while doing the things you have to do outdoors.

Tip #4:  Drink water

Keeping your body well-hydrated is the key to helping combat allergens that may enter your body. Getting the necessary amounts of water each day will help rid your body of unwanted toxins that may include allergens.

Tip #5: Clean your home

It's important to keep your home as neat and tidy as possible when you're faced with allergens. It's ideal to dust on a daily basis if you suffer from allergies because dirt and grime can worsen your condition.

Don't forget to mop the floors and vacuum the carpets because dust can build up quickly in these areas which can contribute to allergies.

The benefits of keeping allergens at bay include being able to feel your best each day despite your allergies. Take the time to schedule a visit with an allergy doctor, such as those at North Texas Allergy, who can assist you with additional tips and to provide an ideal treatment method to help you cope with your allergies during peak allergy seasons.