Dental Tips: A Natural Oral-Enhancing Mouthwash

You do what your dentist tells you to do, like brushing your teeth and flossing. But, you might be trying to avoid store-bought mouthwashes because some contain questionable ingredients. Do not fret, the following is a simple and natural dental-friendly mouthwash solution. 

Take A Look At The Main Ingredient

The mouthwash solution's main ingredient is water. But, the water that you need to use is a special type that is usually referred to as natural spring water, living water, or alkaline water. You can purchase this type of water from your local health food store, a local spring, or online.

What makes this type of water special and good for your teeth is that it is naturally alkaline or contains a high pH balance. Your mouth is usually neutral, but most people eat acidic foods, not to mention that bacterial residue is acidic as well. These acids weaken the enamel and allow bacteria to sneak under your enamel (protective film around your teeth). This puts you in danger of all kinds of dental ailments, like dental erosion or cavities.

Thankfully, you can rebalance your pH balance by simply using this type of water. You will need to use 1 cup of alkaline water.

Customize Your Mouthwash

You can add one or both of the following ingredients to your cup of alkaline water (1 tbsp will be enough), and your mouthwash is done:  

Making The Mouthwash Sweet

One of the strongest natural dental-friendly ingredients that you can use is honey. The honey has to be raw, and you should consider Manuka honey because it still contains several enzymes that help halt bacterial reproduction. And you will also find that raw Manuka honey has hydrogen peroxide, which is shown to be poisonous to the bacteria in your mouth. Studies done on the effects of raw Manuka honey showed that plaque is significantly diminished when using raw Manuka honey as a dental treatment.

Adding A Hint Of Lemongrass Oil

The next ingredient that you may want to try is lemongrass essential oil, which can be purchased online or at your local health food store. This essential oil contains active ingredients, like limonene or citral that are incredibly antibacterial. Studies have shown how using lemongrass oil to wash your mouth out can inhibit all kinds of bacteria. This does include the bacteria responsible for gingivitis and other gum infections.

Remember that this mouthwash is only meant to be helpful; it is not meant to replace your dentist's advice. You can use this mouthwash like you would any other mouthwash.