Increasing The Safety Of Your Bathroom For An Older Relative

If you had just taken on the responsibility of caring for an elderly relative in your own home, you will most likely want to make a few adjustments around the house to accommodate any mobility issues they may be suffering from. One room that needs a lot of attention is the bathroom they will be using. This is due to the higher moisture content in the area, which can easily lead to a slip and fall accident if precautions are not taken. Here are a few ways you can increase the safety factor in your bathroom, giving you the peace of mind your relative will be at less risk of an injury.

Swap Out The Tub

If your relative has trouble getting around, a walk in tub would be a great enhancement to your bathroom. A contractor would come to your home, take out your existing bathtub, and replace it with a tub that has a hinged door on the side. Your relative would not need to worry about having to lift their legs to get into the tub, making it easier for them to use it on their own as a result. Most models come equipped with a seating area, allowing the user to bathe in an area that will allow them to get out of the tub without risk of not being able to get their footing. The tub would have a removable shower head, making it a snap to bathe in a seated position.

Add Plenty Of Rails

Handrails are a necessity in the bathroom when there is someone with mobility issues present. Place these along each wall so your relative will be able to get to toilet or tub without worrying about falling. Place rails inside the tub and along side of the toilet as well. Have your relative show you what height they would feel most comfortable in having the rails placed. Consider staggering the rails along walls so they have a few heights to choose from as they make their way around the room.

Add Some Grip Tape

Removing all area rugs from the bathroom is best to help your relative avoid slipping. If they prefer having one rug outside of the tub to dry their feet upon, place some grip tape on the underside so it stays in place as they step upon it. This tape can also be placed on the floor of the tub to give your relative more traction as they get in and out of the enclosure. This tape is easily applied by peeling and sticking in place. Purchase a color that blends in with the color of the tub to hide it from view if desired. Other people opt for fun patterned grips to brighten up the area.

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