Starting Vision Therapy; What Is Vision Therapy Anyway

When a person first wakes up in the morning they open their eyes. Most people do not shut their eyes until they lay down for bed at night. A person uses their eyes the entire time they are awake. Just like when using other parts of your body, your eyes can become extremely tired. When muscles are used for an extended period they can be strained, and require physical therapy. Just like your muscle or other parts of your body, your eyes may require some therapy. Therapy that helps the eyes and vision is called vision therapy. This article will outline what vision therapy is and what to expect when you first start your vision therapy. 

What Exactly Is Vision Therapy

Vision therapy can best be described as physical therapy for the eyes. It is used to treat many different problems such as crossed eyes, lazy eyes, and some types of reading disabilities. Vision therapy usually consists of a variety of exercises for the eyes. These exercises are not meant to strengthen the muscles in the eyes but are meant to train the eyes to see properly. The exercises will be in a doctor's office under his supervision, and can include corrective lenses, therapeutic lenses, electronic targets with timing mechanisms.

What To Expect When Starting Visual Therapy

In order for the doctor to completely assess what he must do in order to help your vision the most, he is first going to give you a complete eye examination. This will most likely involve looking into a few different machines which allow them to look at how healthy your eyes are. You will also look through different lenses and tell the doctor which lens looks better. This can get frustrating because some lenses do not feel that they change that much, but do your very best as it will help the doctor understand your eyes. The doctor will then be able to start creating a regime that will help your vision. This can involve different exercises that will train your eyes to see properly. Hey may ask you to try different lenses on and try the same exercises a few times. all these exercises will help your eyes adjust to the proper way of seeing. Vision therapy can last for an extended period, or it can go very quickly. The ultimate goal of your doctor is going to be to improve your quality of life.  For more information, find out here.