Getting Your New Puppy To Follow Your Commands The First Time Around

A new puppy can bring a lot of love and excitement to your life, but you must also be prepared to invest a good deal of your time to training. Despite what you may have been told about your dog, puppies seldom come housebroken, let alone trained. Professional dog trainers and obedience schools may be necessary for older dogs or notoriously precocious dog breeds, but beginning the training process while your dog is still young can also provide satisfactory results.

Giving Your Dog Simple Commands

Most puppies want to play all the time, which means that they will initially think that everything is a game. While there's nothing wrong with letting your pup chase its own tail, you're going to have to show and tell your dog when it's time to listen to your commands.

When giving your puppy basic commands to obey, it is best to use a calm and authoritative tone of voice. Don't be surprised if your dog stops long enough to look at you before going back to doing whatever it was before you gave a command, such as to sit or stay. Puppy training requires patience, time and consistency to be effective.

Using Positive Reinforcement To Motivate Your Pet

Don't despair if you've found that your puppy isn't obeying simple commands. Some dog breeds are much more prone to be obedient straight out of the gate, while others need a little extra attention, and even the occasional bribe.

You can use dog treats to help facilitate the puppy training progress, but do not become dependent on them. Additionally, giving your puppy too many dog treats can cause your dog to have unrealistic expectations. Instead of rewarding your puppy with a veterinarian approved treat every time a command is obeyed, alternate between verbally praising your dog and giving treats.

In the long run, your dog will become more responsive to a pat on the head, a scratch behind the ears, and verbal praise delivered in a higher, soothing tone of voice. Keep praising your puppy when obedient traits are displayed.

Socialization Makes Training Easier

The ultimate test will come when it's time to socialize your puppy with both people and animals. The sheer excitement of having a pal to play with and other humans around doling out belly rubs and attention will likely lead your puppy to forget what you have taught, but this situation is usually temporary.

Simply get your puppy's attention, and deliver the same commands in an authoritative manner. As your puppy grows and continues to be socialized, your dog will become more responsive to your commands.