6 New Year's Resolutions Better Than "Lose Weight"

If you are still getting around to making your New Year's resolutions for 2017, it is quite possible that you are caught up on the wording of the project. In many cases, people need specific wording in order to see success. It is not necessarily effective to say, "I want to lose weight," when there are more specific goals you can use to achieve that overall goal. You will be much more likely to achieve these resolutions when you set actionable and specific goals. Want some ideas? Try these first:

1. Drink at least five glasses of water each day.

The number is interchangeable, but the point is that you are specific in how much water you want to drink. This is much better than simply saying, "I want to drink more water." This allows you to create a chart to target your glasses of water each day.

2. Eat two eggs every day for breakfast.

If you skip breakfast, eating two eggs each day will promote a healthier lifestyle and boost your metabolism. If you tend to eat a starchy or carby breakfast, this will also help you lose weight and get trim.

3. Add one vegetable to dinner every night.

Instead of subtracting side dishes from your meal, make sure to add a veggie. Boil some broccoli, fry up some asparagus, or sprinkle a tiny bit of lemon juice on some green beans. The key is to add nutrition rather than to eliminate it.

4. Do meal prep for days at work.

If you work five times a week and tend to buy lunch at work, prep meals during the weekend. This saves you time and money while also encouraging weight loss with a nutritious meal each lunchtime.

5. Drink your coffee black.

If you tend to load up your coffee with sugar and milk, try drinking it black even just a few times each week. Cutting back even a couple days of the week is a great way to build a healthy habit.

6. Make two of your daily snacks a piece of fruit.

It's fine to snack throughout the day, but make sure that you stock up on healthy ones. Keep bananas, apples, and oranges in your desk drawer instead of chocolate bars and chips.

The truth is that you are much more likely to lose weight when you do so with small, actionable goals. Your overall desire might be to lose 50 pounds, but the key to getting there is with small tasks you can perform each day.