Living With Scoliosis

Noticing that your shoulders seemed to be a little uneven probably didn't bother you until you started to have back or shoulder pain. A doctor visit may have alerted you that your condition was called scoliosis; your physician has likely talked with you about pain medications, therapy plans and possibly even spine surgery. As you work with them to resolve the issue, consider these scoliosis coping suggestions.

Lose Weight

Your weight may not seem immediately relevant to the pain you're having. However the extra weight you've got will make existing problems worse. The additional pounds weigh your body down and make great demands on both the shoulders and your back; if you're in pain because of spine curvature as well, that can feel terrible. Relieving your body frame of this weight can provide relief.

Explore different dietary adjustments and ask your doctor which exercise will not aggravate your scoliosis symptoms. Be wary of exercises which could require excessive twisting of the waist, for instance.

Carry Less

If you're a student with tons of books in your school backpack or a woman lugging around multiple pounds of essentials in a shoulder bag, that may need to end. Extra pressure bearing down on one or both shoulders may worsen your discomfort. Think of ways to lighten your shoulders' daily loads. Some essentials might need to be removed from your shoulder bag, for example. You might need to purchase a wheeled bag for books.

If you're a man, you've got some thinking to do as well. Consider all the things in your wallet and where you keep it. If your wallet's always in a back pocket, consider that it could cause you to sit down unevenly, shifting your hips out of the place. That could affect how your back feels.

Wear Supportive Shoes

Shoes are also ignored when looking for causes of pain; you might be so focused on the places where the pain is, you don't realize that other factors are relevant. Heels, whether stiletto, cowboy boot or clunky and thick, are not always beneficial if your spine is curved and you want to avoid pain. You might discover you're more comfortable if you wear mostly flat shoes that contain some degree of arch support. That way, pain won't radiate up the leg and through the hips and back.

You may not deal with pain each day from scoliosis, but when you do, remember to work on these coping suggestions to lessen overall discomfort. Medical professionals can advise further

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