4 Tips For Treating A Sore Throat At Home

During the winter seasons it is not uncommon for people to fall ill, and a common complaint is a sore throat and cold symptoms. The majority of sore throats are caused by viruses, so in the absence of a high fever or other serious signs of illness that may need medical attention, they can usually be treated at home. If you're suffering from a sore throat, use the following tips to find relief from your discomfort:

Utilize Warm Salt Water

One simple and easy way to deal with a sore throat is by gargling warm salt water. You can easily make your own salt water by dissolving a small amount of salt in a cup of warm water. Gargling salt water several times throughout the day can help reduce the swelling in your throat and also provide relief from discomfort.

Purchase an Over-the-Counter Oral Spray for Pain Relief

When your sore throat is really bothering you, head to the drug store and purchase a bottle of oral spray for pain relief that is designed for sore throats. Your best bet is to look for a spray that contains either phenol or benzocaine; both of these ingredients are topical anesthetics, so when they are sprayed into the throat they will numb the tissue so you don't have to experience the pain of a swollen throat for a few hours. Take a look at a website like Nyloxin.com for more information on oral sprays for pain relief.

Sip Warm Fluids

While you wait for your body to fight of the virus that is causing your sore throat, sip warm fluids throughout the day. Warm liquids, such as tea or broth-based soups, can help decrease the irritation in your throat, leading to temporary relief from discomfort. Make sure that the liquids are very warm, but not too hot -- the last thing you want to do is burn your throat when it is already sore. In addition to warm fluids, also make sure that you drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration while you're feeling ill. 

Use a Cool Mist Humidifier

A sore throat caused by a virus can linger for several days. During this time period, consider using a cool mist humidifier in your living spaces and in your bedroom when you sleep. A humidifier will add moisture to the air in your home, which can be very soothing to a sore and swollen throat. The added moisture from the humidifier can also help a lot if your sore throat is causing hoarseness.