Have You Been Mugged? You May Need Treatment For PTSD

If you've been through a mugging, even if it took place years ago, the emotional scars may still be prevalent in your life. While muggings can result in physical injuries, it's impossible to overlook the harm that they may have on your mental health. Many people who have been mugged end up with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, as a result of this ordeal. Although you may be afraid to ask for help, there are many mental health professionals who specialize in treating PTSD patients and can help you. Here are some indicators that your mugging has perhaps left you with PTSD.

You're Afraid To Be Alone

Muggings often happen when you're alone, as you're apt to be an easier target than when you're with a group of people. Being mugged can thus leave you afraid of being alone in any setting, public or private. In public, you might get extremely anxious with the idea of walking to your parked car after dark or waiting at a bus stop. At home, you might be unnerved when the lights are out or when you hear a strange noise, even if you know you're alone. You may even begin to change your habits so that you aren't out after dark or so that you're never without a group of friends.

You Replay The Incident

One of the big problems that PTSD patients face is that they constantly replay their traumatic incident in their minds. It can be difficult to heal from something when you're thinking about it frequently, but it can be equally difficult to put such a disturbing incident behind you. Even though you don't want to think about the mugging, you might find that it frequently haunts your dreams and even your mind when you're awake.

You're Afraid For Others

Because you've been through such a traumatic ordeal, you may begin to feel as though others are at risk, too. Technically, the risk of being mugged is very low — most people go their entire lives without ever going through such an event. However, you might be constantly worrying that those close to you will be victimized, simply because you were. When a friend is out after dark, you may get extremely anxious because you're assuming that the worst will happen to him or her. Such thoughts can dominate your mind and affect your quality of life, but a therapist who specializes in PTSD treatment can help you.