Trending Breast Reduction Procedures Lean Toward Smaller Breast Sizes

A change in breast augmentation sizing is trending. Rather than opting for huge breasts, many women are now choosing more subtle breast sizes as opposed to more obvious huge breasts when they undergo breast reduction procedures. That trend is rising, which means more women are increasingly choosing medium to full-size B-cups and C-cups. It's really about having a more natural look with smaller size cups that complement curves while creating a better-balanced overall figure.

Lifestyle Changes

More and more women are exercising frequently as they make lifestyle changes geared toward a healthier body. Like you, they're choosing modest-size implants that enable them to participate in high-impact exercises. You are able to manage these exercises better with smaller implants. You also achieve a balanced look in your frame by nixing the choice of larger implants.

Accommodating Reduced Breast Implants

While this current trend of smaller breast implants continues, new technology facilitates the breast size change with many breast implants available for you to choose from. These new implant styles include round to tear drop shapes that offer various profiles and dimensions.

There are also saline, silicone and cohesive gel implants. Each of these have their own specific functions. You should of course be aware that the best type of implant for you depends on the characteristics of your own unique breast.

Sagging Breasts And The Aging Process

Be aware that larger implants can cause you to develop significant sagging over time. There is no doubt that some women gain weight as they age. If you gain weight during the aging process, and you do have a voluptuous breast size, your implants could become uncomfortable.

Your surgeon will advise you about the type of implant that benefits you best. He or she will tell you why your choice must be selected and matched in order to achieve specific goals for you in particular. Interestingly enough, although saline, silicone and cohesive gel implants are used, only silicone appears to be increasing at a greater percentage by those who use this product. This makes silicone the most popular breast augmentation type in use.

Undergoing Lift And Augmentation At Once

Bear in mind that you can undergo a breast lift and augmentation surgery as a combined procedure. It's a most cost-effective procedure that ends up leaving you with less scarring. Downtime and recovery time is reduced, and the combined procedure is easier for you to undergo.