3 Important Tips When Your Child Is Faced With Low Blood Sugar

When your child has low blood sugar, it's important to not ignore this medical problem. Such an ailment can actually cause heart palpitations, confusion, shakiness, and even anxiety. So that your child doesn't have to suffer, you need to deal with their low blood sugar in the following ways:

Get Your Child Tested 

If your child is showing all of the clear signs of low blood sugar, then you'll want to have them professionally tested just to make sure you get a proper diagnosis. The best place for these tests is at a local pediatrician's office.

They can gather your child's blood sugar levels from their fingertip with a single prick. They'll make sure your child is prepped before this happens, so they can remain calm the entire time. Once blood is drawn, it will be administered to a test trip to confirm or deny your suspicions of low blood sugar.

Load Up on the Right Snacks 

If your child is found to have low blood sugar, then you'll want to stock up on the right snacks. This way, if they experience a dip in blood sugar at any point during the day, you can fuel them up on food that brings these levels back up gradually.

Glucose-rich food in particular is what you should stock up on. These snacks will include saltine crackers, hard candy, raisins, soda, and honey. It may even be beneficial to put some of these food items in travel bags, so no matter where your child goes they'll have the right foods to keep them feeling good.

Purchase a Glucagon Kit 

Your child probably has a busy schedule, which makes it quite easy for them to forget to eat foods and drinks that keep their blood sugar at the right levels. When this happens, their levels may dip dangerously low.

In times like this, you need to respond quickly; this won't be difficult when you have a glucagon kit on hand. Injecting this hormone into your child can quickly raise their blood sugar levels, which may prove to be life-saving in certain scenarios. You can get these kits from your local pediatric services. Make sure you read the directions carefully so that costly mistakes are avoided.

Having low blood sugar can seriously affect the way your child acts and feels throughout the day. Fortunately, as long as you adjust their lifestyle and use the right resources, your child can still live a normal life even with this medical complication.