Understanding The Different Ways To Clean Hearing Aids

If you have recently been fitted with hearing aids, then you should perform regular maintenance on them. This means inspecting the aids and cleaning them daily. Cleaning can occur in a few different ways and involves the use of manual tools and special cleaning machines. Keep reading to learn about how you can use these different methods for cleaning purposes.

Manual Cleaning 

If you want to clean your hearing aids manually, then you should do so daily. You will need some tools for this that include a hearing aid cleaning brush. This brush will feature the brush end with small and soft bristles and the pick end with a short and thin protrusion. You should also gather a soft cloth and purchase a hearing aid cleaning spray. These sprays come in small spray bottles and release a mist, not a full-on stream of cleaning solution.

To clean your hearing aids, remove them from your ears and use the soft cloth to gently rub down the exterior surfaces. This will help to remove the loose debris and larger pieces of wax. Afterwards, use the spray to lightly cover the aid and then use your brush to scrub it gently. Use your cloth afterwards to wipe away the cleaner and debris. 

At this time, you should use the small pick end of the brush to clean vents and openings across the surface of the hearing aid. Clear off the pick each time you use it, so you do not transfer wax from vent to vent.

Cleaning Machine

Hearing aid cleaning machines are able to remove dirt, debris, and wax. And, they disinfect the aids by killing the bacteria and other microorganisms that gather on the aids. This helps to reduce irritation and infection risks. The machines use different functions and accessories to assist with cleaning. They utilize a light spray of cleaning solution that removes debris and wax. UV lights are used as well to kill microorganisms, and the device also has an air-drying function.

Hearing aids can simply be placed in the main chamber of the cleaning machine. The device locks and then goes through its cleaning program that can take up to about an hour. You should complete the cleaning often, but you likely do not need to do so every day. Ask your audiologist about how often you should be doing it.

If you want to know more about hearing aids and how you can go about cleaning them, speak with an ear specialist.