3 Questions To Ask Before Participating In Paid Research

Before a company can release a new drug or treatment alternative, the company must learn about the effectiveness and any side effects associated with the drug or treatment. Paid clinical research allows you to explore alternative treatments, assist with the development of new medication or treatment methods, and receive compensation for your participation. Check out a few questions you should ask before you agree to participate in paid research.

How often do you need to see a doctor, and do you need to see a doctor different than your own?

Each paid clinical research study has its own requirements for how frequently you'll need to see a doctor and what doctor you'll need to see. This detail varies based on the specifics of the study, the treatment being administered, and how frequently you need to receive monitoring to identify the success of the treatment and potential side effects. 

For example, if you'll be taking a new prescription drug each day, you might only need to see a doctor weekly to monitor your vital statistics and check for side effects. However, if your study requires you to receive IV treatments with the doctor, you may have to see the doctor multiple times a week to receive the treatments and monitor your condition. 

Understand how much you need to see a doctor so that you can check that the time requirements are realistic for your schedule. You'll also need to make sure that you're comfortable seeing a doctor other than your own if the study requires you to.

Has the treatment ever been tested before?

Ask for details regarding the treatment that the study will be examining, including whether its been used on research participants before. You might ask for info as to why researchers believe the treatment will be effective. This will give you the information that you need to determine whether you're comfortable with the level of risk associated with potentially receiving the treatment involved in the study. 

What forms of compensation are offered to research participants?

Every study has its own methods of compensation for research participants. Some studies pay for all of the participants' study-related medical care, while others might deem it necessary for the participants to cover their own medical expenses.

You may receive monetary compensation for the time that you have to devote to the study. If you'll have to travel frequently to visit the doctor, the study may offer additional compensation to ensure that your travel-related expenses are taken care of. Examine the total compensation package to see if the benefits of the study make sense for your situation.