Reasons To See An Auto Accident Doctor Fast

If you were recently in an auto accident, a host of things could be on your mind, including seeing a doctor for care. However, you don't want to see just any physician after your accident. You want to see a doctor who can examine and document your injuries properly. Below are some reasons you want to see an auto accident doctor fast.

Can Quickly Locate Hidden or Internal Injuries 

An auto accident doctor can detect medical problems you or a regular doctor might not see right away, including hidden injuries. Hidden injuries describe lacerations, cuts, contusions, and bruises that occur somewhere inside the body, including the heart, liver, lungs, and spleen. The internal damage can be extensive enough to cause bleeding, infection, and in some cases, organ failure. 

An auto accident physician can:

  • examine you with x-rays to locate or isolate the internal damage
  • measure your vital signs to see if they changed from stable to unstable
  • take samples of your blood cells to see if you have signs of bleeding or infection

The test results from each exam can allow a physician to document and treat your injuries immediately. If some of your injuries require specific care, a car accident doctor will send you to internal and external specialists for care.

Can Refer You to Specialists

Some internal injuries can cause tremendous problems throughout the body after an accident. Injuries, such as spinal leakage and brain damage, can have lifelong consequences on your health. Specialists can use more advanced tools, such as computerized tomography (CT) scans, to determine the extent of your internal injuries. 

Specialists and auto accident doctors can use the results of CT scans to determine your treatment. For example, if you suffer from spinal leakage, doctors may schedule surgery for you in the near future. If you suffer from severe concussions that interfere with your ability to walk, breathe, or see, doctors may use respiratory and physical therapy to help you.

In addition to the assistance and care above, the information provided by specialists and accident doctors can be very useful to an attorney. If you plan to seek legal compensation for your injuries, an attorney will need to know exactly what you have and why. If an attorney needs more data about your exams and injuries, they can obtain the information from a doctor or specialist.

You can learn about the exams and treatments you may need for your injuries by contacting an auto accident doctor today.