Reasons Your Loved One May Have Chosen Cremation

If one of your loved ones has recently passed away and left instructions to cremate their body, you may wonder why they would choose that plan of action instead of a traditional funeral. Cremations are becoming more and more popular for a number of personal and logical reasons, some of which are as follows. 

Ecological Ideology

Many people strive throughout their lifetime to limit their carbon footprint on the environment. Cremation is one way to continue this ideology after death. Instead of claiming a piece of land for themselves, your loved one may have chosen to bypass this process by instead greatly reducing their impact on the environment through cremation. While a traditional burial displaces quite a bit of earth for a coffin, a person's ashes can be spread in a place that meant a lot to them or their loved ones. 

Saving Money

The traditional burial costs around an average of $7,000-12,000, while cremation is only a fraction of that. If a person was worried about how their family would afford a nice traditional burial for them, they may have chosen cremation in an effort to relieve the financial burden. 

Increased Acceptance

While several religions used to feel that cremation was an almost irreverent way to honor the life of someone who has departed, this is no longer the case. Most major religions now believe that cremation is completely appropriate and respectful. Cremation is a popular funeral service for several nations and is becoming more and more popular in the United States

Modern Grieving Ideas

While cremations of times past used to yield an urn of ashes, some people are choosing to have their ashes used in creative ways to help with modern grieving. For example, an individual's ashes could be used in the process of making a diamond for a loved one, a hand-blown glass item, or even ink to be used in a loved one's tattoo. Ashes can be used in creative ways to help people feel that their loved one is a part of their future lives. 

In conclusion, while you may not initially understand why your loved one would choose cremation, it is extremely important to respect and carry out their directives. Hopefully, this information has helped you to see things more as they would have, helping you to potentially feel better about their decision. May you find peace in this difficult time. 

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