Free Breast Pumps And Accessories

Expressing milk is a viable way to build up a natural milk supply. Insurance companies offer pregnant women and new mothers the opportunity to receive a breast pump and essential supplies at no cost. Taking advantage of this perk will ensure that a mother can keep breastfeeding her baby for as long as she desires. 

Pumps And Accessories

An insurance company will outline what types of breast pumps and accessories they will cover. A single or double electric model, a manual pump, and battery-powered machines are eligible for coverage. Breast storage bags, collection bottles, tubing, and power packs may also qualify as freebies that an insured woman can receive. First, a woman who is expecting or who has already given birth should contact an insurance agent who represents her insurance coverage.

The insured can simply inquire about the breast pump and accessories incentive. An agent will provide details about the products that are covered and will supply information about physical and online retailers who carry a line of products that a woman is eligible to receive.


A pregnant woman may want to be well-prepared for the birth of her baby. If she has all of the breast pumping equipment she will need, she can swiftly transition from breastfeeding in the hospital to breastfeeding and pumping while at home. Researching equipment that is covered by insurance will help a pregnant woman pick out a pump model that she is comfortable with using.

Some heavy-duty equipment is designed to pump larger volumes of milk. This type of equipment may be appealing to a new mom who will be returning to work soon after her baby is born. By having access to a heavy-duty pump, a mother can prepare large batches of milk that her caregiver will be feeding her newborn.

A lot of suppliers offer an online ordering system. A supplier may work directly with an insurance company. An 'in-network' supplier will feature all of the products that an insurance company has outlined as being covered. If a woman decides to order her equipment online, she won't be burdened with the task of visiting several retail stores and hoping to find the pump that she prefers. If an online company has a pump that is currently out of stock, the company can order it. Once the order is received by the supplier, they will ship the pump and accessories directly to the customer.

If you want to learn more about getting a breast pump covered by insurance, reach out to your insurance provider or a retailer.