What Are Your Breast Cancer Treatment Services Options?

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, it can feel scary, daunting, and like you have no control over your own body. When you work with your breast cancer specialist, learn the breast cancer treatment services that are available to you.

Having options means you have your control back. The treatments available to you can be combined for a custom treatment plan based on the type of breast cancer you have, where it's located, what stage it's at, and other health conditions or concerns you have. Questions regarding the best breast cancer care can be referred to your breast cancer specialist, and you can also decline services you don't want, even if your doctor heavily recommends them. It's up to you and it's your body. Here are some of your breast cancer treatment options to consider when facing breast cancer.

Local surgeries and radiation

If you have breast cancer that is localized to just one area of the body and it's caught early on, you can just have surgery to remove the affected tissue and any tumors and then get location-based radiation to ensure that all of the breast cancer has been treated. This is best for breast cancer that is caught early and helps you get back to your regular life again more quickly with less severe treatment.

You may have to have breast surgery to remove tumors before radiation, and if you need some reconstructive surgery, this can be done once any cancer is safely and successfully removed.

Chemotherapy and hormonal therapy

Chemo and hormonal therapy are ways to treat cancer in your body and attack the cells so they do not continue to thrive. You can get these therapies in addition to other treatments, especially if you have advanced forms of cancer or your cancer is spreading to your lymph nodes and other areas. Your doctor will monitor your progress and help you get the most out of your treatment.

Additional therapy

Another type of treatment you can try is something called biological therapy. This is a type of therapy that encourages your body's natural immunity to fight hard against cancer and the reactions and side effects of other types of cancer treatments. Since some forms of breast cancer care can knock out the immune system, this type of therapy can be beneficial in helping the body fight back.

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