The Pros And Cons Of Disposable Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be worn every day, several times a week or just on special occasions. There are several types of contact lenses on the market, in regards to their lifespan. Some are considered yearly, some are monthly, and there are also weekly and daily. Yearly contact lenses are not considered disposable. The others are the different levels of disposable contact lenses available. Just like other types of corrective eyewear, there are pros and cons to choosing disposable contact lenses.

Waiter's Guide To Avoiding Arm Injuries

If you occasionally develop pain in your hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow, then you know your days waiting tables may become numbered. Your forearm may become sore after carrying a heavy load of plates, and you can feel your grip weakening when you pour pitchers of water at your tables. Here are some possible explanations for your discomfort, and some simple exercises that can help eliminate your symptoms. Where Is Your Pain Coming From?

Chemical Dependency Treatment Programs For Alcohol Addiction

If you are fighting an uphill battle with alcohol addiction due to continual relapse after attempting to quit "cold turkey," you may feel like there is no hope in successful recovery. While alcohol addiction can be extremely challenging to overcome, it is not impossible. In order to successfully recover from alcohol addiction, the physical and mental aspects of the disease must be treated equally. Abstaining from alcohol may help to minimize physical cravings, but the mental hold of alcohol can be difficult to resist, which can quickly lead to relapse.

Should You Choose Suboxone Or Methadone For Detoxification From Opiates?

If you're struggling with opiate addiction or dependency, you may be trying to decide the best way to go about detoxing and living an opiate-free life. There are several options available to you -- however, each option has its own strengths and weaknesses. Read on to learn more about suboxone and methadone to decide which method is best for you. What is suboxone? Suboxone is a combination of two different drugs -- buphrenorphine, which acts as an opiod painkiller, and naloxone, which is used to reverse the negative effects of opiates and other narcotic drugs.

Reasons You Might Experience Abdominal Cramping During Pregnancy

Mild abdominal cramping during pregnancy is very common. However, cramping is also something that can cause you to worry, especially if you are carrying your first baby. It is important to understand the normal, yet benign reasons for cramping, as well as those that should cause legitimate concern. An Expanding Uterus The normal size of a woman's uterus is approximately 2.99" x 1.77". As your fetus grows, it requires more and more space, and this causes the uterus to stretch.